Cruel zoo scam results in death of two otters illegally bought from wildlife market

According to their Youtube video, “Two Otters Living in Hell – Then This Happened” Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her partner in their film production company, “Animal House”, ‘Dr.’ Daniel Allen, rescued two otters who they named Bubble and Squeak from an illegal wildlife market in Indonesia.

In fact Rebecca Rodriguez and Daniel Allen – shown here in screenshots from their video – purchased the otters from a market and did not set the them free because they intended to use them to help fundraise for their vanity film project, “Animal House TV”.

00 Rebecca A Rodriguez Animal House Productions01 Dr Daniel Allen Animal Realities

A sequence in the video shows one of the otters apparently being let out of its crate into a shower with an unknown person, likely to be Daniel Allen as he is shown in the next clip standing by the same shower with a clearly distressed otter in his arms, drying it off with a towel.

“Dr.” Daniel Allen has written a book about otters and claims to be an expert on them. We would like to ask these self-proclaimed animal experts and rescuers, is that the right way to treat a sensitive wild animal such as an otter which would have been severely traumatized by days, weeks or perhaps even months in highly unsatisfactory captivity? One would have thought that these so-called animal experts would have known better.

02 Otter in shower with Daniel Allen03 Otter in shower with Daniel Allen05 OneAnimalWorld Rebecca Rodriguez Animal House TV

Is it surprising that the otters died?

We invite Rebecca Rodriguez and Daniel Allen to explain the circumstances of their actions.

More about how wrong this was and why the actions of these so-called ‘otter experts’ would have been likely to lead to the deaths of the otters in the following articles:

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Text in Rebecca and Daniel’s Youtube video, “Two Otters Living in Hell – Then This Happened” asks people to support the animals of Indonesia and directs them to the many websites, Twitter and Facebook pages managed by Rebecca Rodriguez and Daniel Allen.  There are many of these sites, and AnimalHouse.Tv, Animal Realities, Pet Nation,, and Animals of Indonesia, are just some of them, where links to their fundraisers are posted.

06 Rebecca A Rodriguez Bandung Zoo fraudulent fundraiser

Bandung Zoo Fundraiser.PNG

Rebecca Rodriguez

Once again, we would like to invite Rebecca Rodriguez to explain how it came about that she is raising money for Bandung Zoo yet Bandung Zoo do not want anything to do with her?  Surely if Rebecca was offering to help them by handing over some of the $52,338 in donations that she has raised in their name to help the animals in just one of her fundraisers, would they not welcome her with open arms as their benefactor? Rebecca claims she made them a ‘time-sensitive’ offer. Surely if that were true, and she had offered to give them money, would Bandung Zoo not have gratefully accepted her offer?

As can be seen in the preceding screenshot, Rebecca Rodriguez believes she should not have to hand over the funds she has raised in the name of Bandung Zoo without accountability and oversight from them. Yet Rebecca herself has been running several GoFundMe fundraisers with no accountability, oversight or transparency as to what she does with any of the funds she has raised.

07 Rebecca Rodiguez Bandung Zoo fraud08 OneAnimalWorldRebecca Rodriguez

In September 2017, Rebecca started a fundraiser for Mikey, an orphaned baby orangutan being kept alone in a small cage at an Indonesian wildlife park with no enrichment. Orangutans are sensitive family and socially oriented animals and keeping a baby like this could easily result in his death.

What is shocking about this is that Rebecca – through her ever-present sidekick P. Holmes – knew all about Mikey as far back as April 2017. Yet she has not to date handed over a single penny from the tens of thousands that she has raised in total with her various fundraisers for the Animals of Indonesia. It beggars belief how low a person who purports to care about animals can stoop to steal funds from an animal like Mikey in a predicament like this.

It is astonishing that in September 2017 Rebecca started another fundraiser apparently in aid of Mikey when she knew about  him since April and had not handed over a single penny to help him. What’s the betting that Mikey will never see a single penny of that cash?

09 petition update Bandung Zoo Rebecca A Rodriguez11 Mikey Orangutan Bandung Zoo Animal House International 2

10 Mikey Orangutan Bandung Zoo Animal House International 1If the money does not go to Bandung Zoo, and not a single penny has until now, then what is done with the money?  Is it kept in a bank somewhere, or has it been spent by Rebecca herself or shared out between herself and her major co-conspirator, ‘Dr.’ Daniel Allen?

Rebecca posted on her Facebook page that a two day trip to Indonesia with Daniel Allen in July 2017 had cost $10,000 in expenses, even though the air fare was paid with donated air miles. Would Rebecca care to tell us how that $10,000 was spent?

As well as exploiting the otters and the animals at Bandung Zoo who are already being helped by a competent and reputable charitable organisation, Rebecca and her sidekick, P. Holmes, have made the most of other opportunities and means available to them, such as petition platforms including and Care 2, to draw maximum attention to themselves, their film projects and their fraudulent fundraisers.

12 Rebecca Rodriguez Animal House Animals of Indonesia13 Rebecca A Rodriguez Animal House Indonesian Zoo Association14 petition P Holmes Bandung Zoo Indonesia

A screenshot of the more than fifty sponsors listed on the site

17 Animal House TV sponsors18 Animal House TV sponsors

“Animal House TV” is run by Rebecca Rodriguez working in close partnership with ‘Dr’ Daniel Allen who stands accused of cynically exploiting the terrible situation for dogs caught up in the vile Yulin dog meat trade festival in China, and details can be seen here:

“Dr” Daniel Allen exploits Yulin dogs

19 Dr Dan Allen Anonymous mask
We put his title ‘Dr.’ in inverted commas as when a member of the public sees the title ‘Dr.’ it is reasonable to assume that person is some kind of medical professional or an esteemed scientist graduating from a top university. That does not mean it is obnoxious to use the title ‘Dr.’ in academic circles but its overuse and constant use is not just misleading, but it could in some cases be an indicator of a narcissist.

‘Dr.’ Allen insists he is addressed by his title. He demands it in fact. correcting any member of the public who may get it wrong. He was even quoted in a tabloid citing the law (which he got wrong) using his title, deliberately deceiving the trusting public to think he was actually qualified in law.

Daniel Allen, having gained his qualification in the subject of “human geography”, is actually a first year teacher in the subject at Keele University which ranks 60 in The Times list of the best universities in the UK, and around 500 in the world, so hardly something to boast about. As far as we have been able to ascertain, Daniel Allen has no legal, no medical, or indeed any professional expertise whatsoever.

Clearly one of Daniel Allen’s star pupils:20 Dr Dan Allen Keele University Reference

Read more about the callous exploitation of the animals at Bandung Zoo by Rebecca Rodriguez and her team here:

Bandung Zoo issued a statement about Rebecca A. Rodriguez in June 2017

Animal House of Horrors

Please sign this petition to help stop Rebecca Rodriguez’s scam

Please check out GoFraudMe to see how GoFundMe do not act against fraudulent fundraisers. They ignore reports even when backed up by evidence, because the problem is so widespread – and they are themselves profiting from them.